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2012 – 2013 Short Haircut Trends

Are you looking for a new hairstyle in 2012 – 2013 season? Sometimes, in order to make the most of a year, we need to make little changes that make us feel like a whole new person. A new hairstyle could be just that change. If you would like to consider a new short hairstyle, then you will need to look at the short hairstyle trends of 2012. This way, you can choose a style that will be stylish, new and fun. If you are thinking about getting a new hairstyle, then here are some trends that you may want to consider.

The Modern Trend

Short hairstyle trends of 2012 largely focus on a new and modern cut. You do not have to have that same old bob or pixie cut that has been popular for years. Instead, you can choose something more cutting edge – something that is sure to gain attention and quite a few compliments.
If you want something that stands out, then consider this trend. The new take on the pixie includes a choppy shape that can easily be styled in a number of different ways. This choppy pixie can be straightened and tousled with pomade or you can spray your hair with beach waves texturizer for an even more tousled look.

The Short Chop

If you are especially bold, then you can try these short hairstyle trends of 2012. This includes a very close cut short cut that includes sculpting to keep hair from sticking out or standing out in any place. This hairstyle will definitely get attention, but it is not for the faint at heart. After all, it will include cutting your hair extremely short. There are ways to make the cut yours too, like changing the shape of your bangs for a unique look.

The Uneven Bob

If you do not want to go extremely short with your hair, like would be required for the two 2012 short hairstyles mentioned above, then you can consider the uneven bob haircut. This bob hairstyle is a new trendy take on the classic style that has been a favorite for many years. This type of hairstyle actually includes an inverted bob that includes plenty of bounce and texture. To keep body in the hair, you will need to make use of a pomade or texturizer. Otherwise, this short hairstyle is easy to maintain and looks nice growing out as well.

To make the uneven bob more interesting, you can ask your stylist to include some choppy layers near the ends of your hair. This way, you can play with modern styles with just a straightening iron and a little pomade.

When you want to change up your look in the coming year, then you will want to consider short hairstyle trends of 2012. Of course, these styles are bold and modern, so make sure you are prepared for the cut before you get to the salon. The great thing about these trends is that they are quite versatile, easy to maintain and fun to experiment with. Find more 2013 short hairstyles on our site.

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