2013 Short Spiky Haircut for Men

Cool Short Spiky Haircut for Men

One of the latest new trendy short spiked haircut for guys

When it comes to style for men, most of the time their hair styles are usually left behind. However, in these days, the haircut is more and more important for men!
For decades, the standard hair cut for men has been short and spiked. It serves as a great stand by and remains stylish, depending on how it is worn. Today I’d like to show you a cool short spiky hair style for men. This is one of the latest best Spiky Hairstyle For Guys!

Men’s Spiked Hairstyle
2012- 2013 spike haircut for men

2013 Short Spiky Haircut for Men

Trendy Short Spiky Haircut for Men

This Short Spiky Haircut works best if your hair is straight or has a loose wave that can be relaxed with blowing dry. As you can see that a lot young guys sports this kind of haircut, just like the mokawk, fauxhawk, David Beckham love the spiked hair styles very much.

Cool short spike hair cut men

Short Spiky Hairstyle for Men 2013

Side view of the Short Spiky Haircut for Men

This short haircut works well with almost all face shapes and hair types with only a few minor alterations, to make sure your hair stays in place all day no matter what activity your doing, you can also add a strong holding hair gel to your hair when it is wet.

spiky hairstyle for men

Back view of Spiky Haircut for Guys

Back view of Spiky Haircut for Guys

Latest trendy spiky haircut for guys

Spiky Hairstyle for Men - Wispy Ends

Spiky Hairstyle for Men - Wispy Ends

Just as you know that the hair is one of the first things most of the women notice, why not take some time to choose a great hair style that complements your personality and your face’s shape? And there are so many hairstyles for you to choose from, just search on the net to find your favorite haircut or ask your stylist to get a great suitable hair style.

You can find more short haircuts for men here, and we have created a new Asian guys hairstyles gallery, you can check it out here.

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