Wavy Hairstyles

2013 Short Wavy Hairstyle

Latest Celebrity Short Wavy Curly Hairstyles for Women

We have published a lot short straight hairstyles already, then we’d like to update some popular short wavy curly hairstyles. Sexy and tousled, wavy hair styles like Emma Stone’s are perfect for summer fun, here are some great wavy curly haircut for you to choose from. If summer had a...

Carey Mulligan Short Hairstyle

Casual Short Wavy Hairstyles for 2012

The casual wavy hair style is hot in 2012. If you are looking for a new short cut, why not try the casual short wavy hair style? Just as you know that a casual short wavy haircut is free-flowing, easy-going, and one that falls into place on its own. These kind of short hairstyles can vary from...

short casual wavy hairstyle 2012

How to Acquire Short Wavy Hairstyles

Because sleek and short hairstyle can be boring and high-maintenance at times, why not switch to short wavy hairstyles instead? In fact, while with the sleek and poker straight hairstyle, one has to ensure that it remains in place throughout the day otherwise it would look messy, with wavy...