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Spiral Perm Hairstyle

Tired Of Coloring Your Hair: Change Your Hairstyle and Look With A Spiral Perm

If you’ve got long hair and want some bounce and body then you might want to think about getting a spiral perm, as it’ll give your hair some texture.

Why Should You Get A Spiral Perm: The Benefits Behind This Everlasting Hairdo

Body curls and waves have been coming into style and out of style for many decades but they always last, for one reason or another. What person can resist the playfulness of a spiral perm? If you’re tired of those lifeless curls of yours or just want something a little low maintenance, then you should consider getting the spiral perm.

Spiral Perm Hairstyle

Spiral Perm Hairstyle

Spiral perms are not like conventional perms, as they are produced by wrapping long vertical sections of your hair into a twisting pattern. The hair is wrapped up firmly around the rod’s barrel from bottom to top. Depending on your hair length, you can use either a traditional plastic rod or a plastic bendable rod in various lengths.

Once you have the rods wrapped tightly, you need to evenly apply the perm solution to let the magic start. Once the process has started and you’ve had several rinsing bouts, you’ll get a beautiful set of curls.

Hair Type – Why It’s A Consideration For Getting Or Not Getting Spiral Perms

Perms…they’re not for everybody. So, before you even consider getting a spiral wave, ensure that your type of hair is able to handle the chemical processing. Be sure to find a stylist you trust to do the process and will tell you everything that’s going on during the process. Fine hair cannot handle the chemical part of perming, as it’ll respond to it with split ends and breakage. And, long, thick hair is often too heavy to handle the lightweight curls. It can cause the hair to look stretched out and weighed down. The perfect candidate for the spiral wave is hair texture that’s medium to wavy, hair that has had no color treatment and doesn’t have severe damage.

How To Get The Spiral Perm Style

If you want the spiral perm style, it’s going to take some effort on your part. If you’re home styling, the wrap and twist technique will work just fine. All you need to do is apply some conditioning styling gel or mousse and then section up the hair into one or two inch partitions. Once you’ve got them divided, wrap your hair around two fingers and twist them until you get to the roots. Make sure you air dry it and shake to get the frizz-free fabulous curls you’ve always wanted.

Remember you cannot have hair color and perming as it can cause the condition of the hair to become damaged. Healthy hair is a must. If the hair has become damaged, it’s next to impossible to get it back to a healthy state.

Be Playful With Your Newly Permed Hair

Spiral perms don’t fit with everybody but they’re certainly making a comeback with no end in the future sight. If you’re tired of flat ironing your hair, why not give your hair some bounce? Curls are very low maintenance and can be adorned with a variety of accessories. When you’re ready to be rid of coloring, why not pick up perming?