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Cool Short EMO Hairstyles for 2012

Being an Exception with Short Emo Hairstyles


emo hairstyles for 2012

When it comes to emo hairstyle, a lot of people often associate it with short, choppy hair that is usually black in color and features colored highlights. Short emo hairstyles aren’t the only emo-type hairdos floating around and one can spot variations like short mullet haircut, bowl cut, bob cut with bangs and razor cut to name a few. If you are a part of the emo culture then this hairstyle would be a perfect option for you.

Caring for your emo hairstyle

short emo haircut

short emo haircut

Whether you are sporting short emo hairstyles or long ones, your hair would generally be subjected to a lot of beating. Emo hairstyles call for frequent straightening, styling and messing around. Therefore it would be advisable to take good care of your hair. The first step towards doing this is to keep your hair clean by washing it with a good shampoo every alternate day to remove grease, oil and dirt from the scalp.

Conditioning is also extremely important and in this regard using a good conditioner that nourishes hair is strongly recommended. But a word of caution is not to go berserk with the amount used because when it comes to conditioners, less is always the better.

Accessories to go with emo hairstyles

emo hairstyles with Accessories

emo hairstyles with Accessory

Hair accessories can be used on short emo hairstyles as well as long ones, but it is very important to choose the right kind of accessories. “Cute” accessories are certainly not going to work on this one but you can try rainbows, bows and chunky accessories in a variety of ways after it has been teased spiked.

Introducing color to your emo hair


Cute short emo hair style for girls

The Emo hairstyle is all about the wild colors and cut. If you have short emo hairstyles then it would be advisable go for colors in your hair because they can add more pizzazz to your short hairstyle which can otherwise be very hard to style in comparison to longer versions. Don’t be afraid of going crazy with your color selection and an important point to remember is that subtlety is not something that you are going for here.

You can add unusual colors to your emo hair by means of dyeing, either permanently or temporarily. You can also use extensions but make sure that they are not easy to detect and blend well. Find more 2012 short haircuts on