Dianna Agron sexy layered bob hairstyle

10 Popular Short Bob Hairstyles for Women

One of the most popular short haircut is bob cut, the bob hair style is a classic short cut loved by a lot women and men! If you are going to get a new short cut soon, why not consider the short bob hairstyles? Here are 10 popular short bob hairstyles in this year, enjoy.

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Dianna Agron sexy layered bob hairstyle

Dianna Agron sexy layered bob hairstyle – bob hair style with bangs and layers – This is a stylish layered ombre bob hairstyle, the ombre hair is popular in recent years.

hairstylesol.com Long Straight Bob Hairstyles 2013

Sleek Straight hairstyle: Long Bob Hairstyles for Women – the center part long popular is popular recently.

Rihanna Black Curly Bob Hairstyle

Rihanna Black Curly Bob Hairstyle – Love the black curly bob cut? Why not try it this summer?

hairstylesol.com Latest Blunt Blonde Bob hairstyle

Blonde Bob hairstyle – An elegant bob haircut for ladies

hairstylesol.com angled bob hairstyles 2013

Latest popular angled bob hairstyle with thick bangs – A classic but stylish angled short bob cut for women who love straight hair

hairstylesol.com Trendy short bob haircut 2013

Celebrity short bob hair cut – A perfect short bob cut for the hot days.

Latest short bob hair style with side swept bangs

Latest short bob hair style with side swept bangs – So cute this bob cut.

bob hairstyle for round face

Short bob haircut with side swept bangs

Meg Ryan Short curly bob hair style 2013

Meg Ryan layered short wavy curly bob hair style – A wavy bob hair style for women

hairstylesol.com Layered brown bob hairstyle with wispy bangs

Layered brown bob hairstyle with wispy bangs – A cute short bob hairstyle for girls

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New Stylish Short haircut for Women

Latest 10 Celebrity Short Haircuts for 2012

The summer is really hot now, every one want to get a cool day! A new fresh short hair style will make you feel good. Here are hairstylesol.com latest 10 cool short hairstyles from celebrities, enjoy.

Elegant Short Pixie Cut

Latest pixie haircut

Latest pixie haircut

Anne Hathaway’s pixie cut looked particularly gorgeous with the Grecian floral neckline of her dress. The short pixie hair style is really hot in recent 2 years, a lot celebrities sport pixie cut! If you are going to get a very short haircut, you can consider this cut, and here is a a gallery of pixie cut, where you can find more styles of pixie cut.

Layered Short Cut for Women

New Stylish Short haircut for Women

New Stylish Short haircut for Women

Yes, again, this is another pixie cut from Anne Hathaway, she sports darling pixie cut recently. This is rally a stylish layered pixie cut! And I love her cool sunglasses so much!

Retro Faux Bob Cut

Sexy Wavy Curly Retro Faux Bob Hairstyle

Sexy Wavy Curly Retro Faux Bob Hairstyle

A side view of wavy curly bob hair style. The back and sides of this curly do are tapered into the head with jagged cut layers cut up to the top to give this style maximum height and shape. Marion sported a gorgeously retro faux-bob with bright red lips for the London premiere. The curls at the end of the hair looked awesome! This short wavy hair style is great for Round, Oval, Square, Heart, and Triangular face shapes.

Layered Razor Cut for Short Hair

Layered Razor Cut

Layered Razor Cut

I love the edgy layers of Zoe’s highlighted short haircut at the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ premiere. The layered cut is hot these days, no matter you wear short cut or medium or long hair, you can add some layers and it will look great!

Side Parted Bob Hairstyle

Side Parted Bob Hairstyle

Side Parted Bob Hairstyle

The bob cut will never go out of fashion. There are so many styles for you to choose from. Racheal Taylor’s side-parted bob was absolute perfection! If you have changed your ideas and want to get a classic bob cut, you can find more bob hairstyles here, here is a gallery of bob hairstyles.

Modern Short Side Part Haircut

Modern Short Side Part Haircut

Modern Short Side Part Haircut

This stylish short side parted hair style looked great on Milla Jovovich, she swept her short hair to the side for this chic half-up ‘do. This is an elegant updo for short hair, which is great for formal occasions.

Cool Faux Hawk for Women

Cool Boy Cut for Women

Anne Hathaway Cute Short Boy Cut for Women

Is this a short faux hawk cut for women? Yes! Anne cut her medium hair very short recently, Anne’s super short ‘do and wayfarers gave her a cute boyish style. If you are looking for a new stylish very short cut this summer, how about this cute boy cut? You can find more boy cut here and Faux Hawk cut for women here.

Curled Out Short Bob Cut

Elegant Curled Out Bob Hairstyle

Elegant Curled Out Bob Hairstyle from Milla Jovovich

Here is an elegant wavy curly bob hair style for ladies. Milla Jovovich styled her hair in a pretty mass of messy curls accented with a sparkly silver barrette. Really a stylish look.

Curly Hairstyles for Short Hair

Latest Short Curly Hairstyles

Latest Short Curly Hairstyles

Is there anyone who sport stylish short curly hairstyles? Yes, here comes Halle Berry. Berry wore her gorgeous glossy mane of voluminous curls with minimal styling at a Revlon event. This is really a stylish short curly hair cut for mature women!

Short Blond Wavy Hairstyle with Curls

Short Blonde Hairstyle with Curls

Short Blonde Hairstyle with Curls

Here is a lovely short blonde hair style from Lily Cole, she attended a special celebration for the arts wearing her classic bob in soft bouncy waves. I love this short cut so much! Her hair length was cut above her shoulders into a bob shape and featured graduating layers for volume and shape. This short cut is great for those with naturally curly hair and will need regular trims to avoid split ends.

Have you find your favorite short haircut yet? If not, just check our short hairstyles galleries to find more!


8 Stylish Short Pageboy Hairstyles for Women

Have you ever tried the pageboy cut? The pageboy hair style is a hairstyle named after what was believed to be the haircut of an English page boy. It has straight hair hanging to below the ear, where it usually turns under. Often there is a fringe (bangs) in the front. This style was popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

I like pageboy haircut very much. Bobs and pageboy hairstyles are similar hairstyles that are fairly easy to wear and can flatter a variety of face shapes. They only slightly differ from the “bob” and are often also called bob. The pageboy cut has bangs and more blunt cut edges which do not angle upwards too much. Usually pageboys can also be a little longer, down to shoulder length, and they do not have the short trimmed neck underneath the top hair.
The bob hair style or pageboy can be a fun low-maintenance look for those with easy-going hair, or a great stylized look for someone with less manageable hair who is willing to put some time into their hairdo each morning. Here are some great pageboy hairstyle pictures for you, also if you love bob cuts, here is a gallery of bob hairstyles from http://hairstylesol.com

Layered Pageboy hairdo with curls, her fringes looks great!

1950s wavy curly pageboy hairstyle

Side view of pageboy hairstyle, I love this layered pageboy cut

Celebrity pageboy hairstyle with blunt bangs

Short pageboy hair style for young ladies

Pageboy hairstyle picture

Pageboy haircut for women: a cute short pageboy cut with side bangs

Cute short pageboy hairstyle

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