Short prom hairstyles

Some All-Time-Favorite Short Prom Hairstyles

Get the most elegant Short Prom Hairstyles for 2012

One of the most common misconceptions people have is that short hair cannot be styled into a formal look for prom. This is untrue. Although it is true that up-dos’ would not be possible in case of short hair but they are plenty of other short prom hairstyles that can look heavenly and formal at the same time. Long flowing hair is no longer the prime requirement for prom hairstyles and since every girl has the right to look perfect on prom night, settling down for something compatible is the name of the game.

The sleek look for prom

One would generally associate short prom hairstyles with messy and textured haircuts but sometimes it is good to go for the sleek look too. Such looks can draw attention to your facial features and highlight them because the hair is out of the way.

You can use mousse or smoothing cream to make sure that the hair lies flat down on your head. For parts that require extra smoothing, use a flat iron. Make sure that there is no stray hair because messy isn’t what you are aiming for in this case.

The textured and tousled look for prom night

Short prom hairstyles can be adventurous too and opting for textured or tousled look gives a more casual and relaxed look for a formal occasion like prom. In order to achieve this look, simply use a natural brush and blow-dryer to style your damp hair accordingly. Once dry, rub some pomade on your hands and run them through your hair, concentrating on the ends and make sure that the hairstyle does not come across as ‘too neat’.

The curled look for prom

How can there be something mentioned about short prom hairstyles and nothing about curls? Needless to mention, curls and prom looks go hand-in-hand. Curled hairstyles look great on everybody. They exude elegance and look feminine at the same time.

If you have a medium hair length, like a bob cut then curling irons or flat irons should be employed for the purpose of endowing beautiful and graceful curls. If you don’t want to have defined curls then you can run your fingers through them after you are done curling in order to make them not as pronounced as they look after you have take them off the hair tool.

OK, here are some great prom hair style for you to choose from, hope these prom hair styles pictures can help you get new ideas.

Short prom hairstyles

Short prom hairstyles

2012 Prom hairstyles for short hair

Prom hairstyles for short hair

Prom hairstyle for curly hair from Alice Eve

Prom hairstyle for curly hair

Taylor Swift prom hairstyle

Taylor Swift prom hairstyle

Curly Prom hairstyle from Amanda Seyfried

Curly Prom hairstyle from Amanda Seyfried

And here are some short hairstyles galleries with a lot short haircuts, you may find your favorite short haircuts there.

Halle Berry Short Dark Haircut

Short Black Hairstyles: Style Icons to Emulate

The first thing you will want to do when looking for short black hairstyles (or short hairstyles especially made for Black women) is to get a list of style icons to emulate. There are many celebrities whom you can get inspiration from. Some of the big names in the world of short black hairstyles are:

  1. Michelle Obama short hairstyle.
    Michelle Obama Hairstyle

    Michelle Obama Hairstyle

    The ever simple yet stylish wife of President Obama is one of the persons who sport a great looking short hairstyle that you would want to have. Her short, straight hair is something she wears in a lot of White House functions. The look is of wash and wear style thus is very easy to manage.

  1. Fantasia Barrino short hairstyle.
    Fantasia Barrino Dark Curly Hairstyle 2013

    Fantasia Barrino Dark Curly Hairstyle

    This American Idol winner remains to be very popular not only for her singing prowess but for the short black hairstyles she had worn through time. Just recently, she has this rock star punk look that any Black women would want to try. Just some mousse will help enhance the style.

  1. Halle Berry short hairstyle.
    Halle Berry Short Dark Haircut

    Halle Berry Short Dark Haircut

    This Oscar-winning actress never failed to impress when it comes to her short hairstyles. She was once known for having shoulder-leveled straight or curly hair. Later on, she was seen to have a short haircut that perfectly fits her slim and trim body. The good thing about these hairstyles worn by Berry is the fact that they can be straight at one time and curly in another. You simply have a choice.

  1. Chandra Wilson short hairstyle.
    Chandra Wilson Short Dark Curly Hairstyle

    Chandra Wilson Short Dark Curly Hairstyle

    Who will ever fail to include this Grey’s Anatomy star in their list of style icons for short black hairstyles? Obviously, you will emulate the look of this vivacious Hollywood star. There was a time she wore her short hair with fly away tips and at some point, she held the short hair back in a ponytail. Anything simply looks good on her. She also had her own version of the short curly style.

  1. Rihanna short hairstyles.
    Rihanna Short Dark hair styles

    Rihanna Short Dark hair styles

    The controversial singer was once known to project different types of hairstyles. She was most stunning in her bob cut but she looked perfectly awesome in her pixie hairstyle. She can carry every type of hairstyle she wants, that’s for sure.

If you are looking for short black hairstyles, you can begin looking at the haircuts worn by these popular women. Of course, there are yet other stars who you want to consider as inspirations. Take time out to see which of the haircuts sported by these women will look good on you.

Check out the latest 2012 -2013 short hairstyles galleries, and more short black haircuts for women.


Cute Short Japanese bob hairstyle

Super Cute Short Japanese Hairstyle for Women

I’d like to show you one of the most popular cute short Japanese bob hair style today. I show this short cut to 10 of my friends, 9 of them do love this short bob hair, yea, this is really a kawaii short hair style. But why one of friend do not like this such cute bob hair? Because she is my “toy”, and always shake her head. Lol.

Japanese bob hairstyle

Kawaii Japanese bob hairstyle for female

You can click the image to view large image with details.

This classic bob hairstyle is cut to sit under the jaw-line and blow-waved smooth from root to tip for a sleek look and feel. The blunt cut bangs are dressed to frame the top of the face perfectly and completes the over-all style magnificently. The sleek bangs looks great on her.

This is a great short haircut for oval, oblong, round, square,diamond face shapes.

More Asian hairstyles, just click the Asian hairstyles category, and if you are looking for more great bob hairstyles, the bob haircut gallery has a lot bob hairstyles pictures for you to choose from.

Short Curly Hair Style for 40s 50s, 60s

Some Easy Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

Some of you looking for latest new trendy easy short curly haircuts, in this article, we will introduce you some really great easy to style curly hair styles to you.

Easy hairstyles are these kind of hairdos which can take about 5 to 20 minutes to create, but still give you a fantastic look!

Penelope Ann Miller Short Curly hair style

Short Curly Hair Style for 40s  50s, 60s

Short Curly Hair Style from Penelope Ann Miller

This short light blonde hairdo is curled from root to tip adding plenty of movement and shape best suited a formal hairstyle to frame a long face. This is really a great short curly hair style for ladies. Penelope Ann Miller created an ultra glamorous look pairing her platinum tresses with a sexy violet and fuchsia dress one-shoulder dress. And this curly hairstyle is great for Under 21, 21 – 30, 31 – 40, 41 – 50, 51 – 60, and Over 60.

Easy short curly Hairstyle for women from Annie Ilonzeh

Easy short curly hairstyle 2013

Easy short curly hairstyle

A great short dark curly hairdo with layers. This short naturally curly haordo is perfect for those with thick hair looking for a style to compliment a long face shape.

Katherine Heigl Short Curly hair style

Short curly haircut

Short curly haircut from Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl attended a photocall in Berlin wearing her jaw-length bob in shiny spiral curls. This is a great short hair style for Oval, Oblong, and Diamond face shapes.

And here is another picture of Katherine Heigl short curly haircut

Katherine Heigl Short Curly Hairstyle

Katherine Heigl Short Curly Hairstyle

Katherine Heigl wore her short layered bob in springy spiral curls. This is really a lovely short haircut for ladies.

African American Hairstyles 2012 - 2013

Solange Knowles Hairstyle: Short African American Hairstyle

This big short round short curly haircut is graduated through the back then some layers uniformly around the back & sides to create this well balanced hair style and feel which is best suited for those with a natural tight curl. This is a great short curly hair style for Round, Oval, Square, Heart, and Triangular face shapes.

Sexy tousled curly hairstyle for short hair

Sexy tousled curly hairstyle

Sexy tousled curly hairstyle

Morena Baccarin wore her short locks in sexy tousled curls at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards. This is a great short curly haircut for Round, Oval, Square, Heart, and Triangular face shapes.

Here is a style from Michelle Bernstein

Easy Curly Hairstyle from Michelle Bernstein

Easy Curly Hairstyle from Michelle Bernstein

Here is a great short Casual hair style for ladies. This great uniform layers cut around the back and sides of this haircut creates a well balanced look of bounce and body which is best suited for those with long face shapes.

Milla Jovovich Short Curly hair style

Curly hairstyles for short hair

Milla Jovovich Haircut: Curly hairstyles for short hair

This time Milla Jovovich styled her hair in side swept soft curls. This is a popular short curly hair style with layers, a lot women do love this cut, and this cut is great for mature women.

Scarlett Johansson Curly Hairstyle

Scarlett Johansson Curly Hairstyle

Scarlett Johansson Curly Hairstyle

Here comes Scarlett Johansson haircut.
Scarlett Johansson styled her honey-hued bob in soft curls this time, and it looks great on her. This simple curly hair style is easy to re-create at home and is great for everyday wear. This short cut suits Oval, Oblong, Square, and Diamond face shapes.

2013 Short Spiky Haircut for Men

Cool Short Spiky Haircut for Men

One of the latest new trendy short spiked haircut for guys

When it comes to style for men, most of the time their hair styles are usually left behind. However, in these days, the haircut is more and more important for men!
For decades, the standard hair cut for men has been short and spiked. It serves as a great stand by and remains stylish, depending on how it is worn. Today I’d like to show you a cool short spiky hair style for men. This is one of the latest best Spiky Hairstyle For Guys!

Men’s Spiked Hairstyle
2012- 2013 spike haircut for men

2013 Short Spiky Haircut for Men

Trendy Short Spiky Haircut for Men

This Short Spiky Haircut works best if your hair is straight or has a loose wave that can be relaxed with blowing dry. As you can see that a lot young guys sports this kind of haircut, just like the mokawk, fauxhawk, David Beckham love the spiked hair styles very much.

Cool short spike hair cut men

Short Spiky Hairstyle for Men 2013

Side view of the Short Spiky Haircut for Men

This short haircut works well with almost all face shapes and hair types with only a few minor alterations, to make sure your hair stays in place all day no matter what activity your doing, you can also add a strong holding hair gel to your hair when it is wet.

spiky hairstyle for men

Back view of Spiky Haircut for Guys

Back view of Spiky Haircut for Guys

Latest trendy spiky haircut for guys

Spiky Hairstyle for Men - Wispy Ends

Spiky Hairstyle for Men - Wispy Ends

Just as you know that the hair is one of the first things most of the women notice, why not take some time to choose a great hair style that complements your personality and your face’s shape? And there are so many hairstyles for you to choose from, just search on the net to find your favorite haircut or ask your stylist to get a great suitable hair style.

You can find more short haircuts for men here, and we have created a new Asian guys hairstyles gallery, you can check it out here.

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